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My Special Project with The Ronald McDonald House

I am excited to share with you some exciting news, as I have been involved in a special project that is very close to my heart. I was asked to participate in the “re-launch” of Project Design Southwest Florida for the Ronald McDonald House. Click here to see the article in Home & Design Volume 2, featuring the Project Design 2020.

If you don’t know the Ronald McDonald House, is a comfortable temporary residence for many families that travel far from home and spend an extended period of time to receive treatment for their seriously ill children at little or no cost. The Ronald McDonald House gives those families the ability to focus on the healing of their child while they are staying in a comforting environment.

It became imperative to add additional bedroom suites to the existing house as it was at full capacity. With that being said my room is themed “Messages of Hope”. I wanted this room to be a place where the stressed parents, worried about the health of their child, could come back to rejuvenate, be inspired and bolstered to face whatever challenges come their way.

I added little messages all around the room like, “Inhale, Exhale” and “You’re Stronger than you think.” I also added a jar of coins with words of enouragement for those parents to place in their pocket as a nice reminder to help get them through their day. It’s been a long process but it is finally complete and well worth it!

Three Things to Protect Right Now!!!

I know this is a crazy and challenging time, on many levels. It looks like all this ‘quiet time’ at home is really starting to flatten the curve, so I am thankful to hear that. If nothing else, this time has taught me that the world is way smaller than we all thought and that our homes can make us or break us. I think we are seeing that firsthand, right?

I wanted to send some thoughts your way to help you through this time. There is a technique I’ve been studying on how to navigate this situation from a business standpoint, but I think it is so relevant for all of us. The concept is how do we “Protect” ourselves?

There are 3 ways we can do this, through our:

  • Mindset
  • Body
  • Environment

Mindset: We need to be aware of what we are feeding our brains. Too much negativity will truly stop us in our tracks, and we don’t want that. Of course, we need to be informed as to what is going on in the world, but I implore you to find a trusted news source and get in, get the information, and get out. Then, feed your mind with lots of good stuff: creativity, a good book, laughter, etc. It will bolster you up to be able to take on all we are going through.

Body: All those snacks and chocolate and wine sounds good at the time, but you need to fuel your body to keep yourself as healthy as possible. You cannot be your best if you do not feel your best. Make sure you are eating well, getting enough sleep and doing something everyday that gets the blood pumping (a walk, gardening, exercise, etc.)

Environment: This is where you home is crucial. Get rid of the stress reducing clutter. Make sure you have adjusted your spaces so they work for you now – i.e. working from home, having extra people around (all the time) and especially a separate place where you can get away and rejuvenate your spirit. Togetherness is great, but only for weeks at a time (LOL), we also need our own quiet time to renew.

I am sure you have noticed a picture of my Italian Greyhound, Dante. Every night, my husband and I take the golf cart out to ride around our neighborhood to wash off all the day’s stress. As soon as Dante hears the words “Golf Cart” his ears perk up and he cannot contain his excitement. It brings us such joy and relaxation to perform this ritual every night. I hope you can incorporate something like this in your daily routine.

All the best, Pam

The Distraction You Didn’t Know You Needed: Spring’s 5 Hottest Home Decor Trends

While being in quarantine is putting a damper on the usual outdoor festivities, you can still appreciate some springtime vibes inside your home. Read the full story and see my quotes regarding trending lighting and serene neutral living rooms. Click on the link from!!

7 Home Decor Trends to Get You Ready for Spring

Individualistic Expression

Interior designer Pamela Durkin suggests that we are also going to see the emergence of personalized spaces that really reflect the people that live in them.

“Creating a home environment that really supports how someone lives is finally gaining in popularity,” she says.

And since this trend encourages finding your decor style through your own personality, Durkin suggests incorporating unique elements that reflect who you are as an individual. For example, she advises book lovers to ditch the dining room (especially if you don’t need one) and bring on the books, instead. Read the whole article in FabFitFun  ◀ Click Here!

7 Weekend DIY Projects to Make Your Living Room Look Instantly More Expensive

Check out the full article by clicking the link on and see where I am quoted as saying “The trend right now is to layer rugs on top of each other,” says Pamela Durkin, owner of Pamela Durkin Designs. “You can have a larger, more neutral rug in the room and then layer a smaller rug with more color and patterns. This is an easy way to bring a fresh look into the space.”

5 Show-Stopping Looks From Instagram That’ll Add Luxury to Your Bedroom

I was recently quoted in as saying “A chandelier in the bedroom is so romantic,” says Pamela Durkin, owner of Pamela Durkin Designs. “It improves the whole space and makes it look very luxurious.” Click the link to read the whole article.

How To Avoid The 10 Interior Design Mistakes Designers Loathe

Check out the article in Rocket Homes that quoted me as saying ~ “I suggest pulling pictures out of magazines or off the internet of spaces you like,” says Pamela Durkin, interior designer and owner of Pamela Durkin Designs. “You will see a pattern emerge, revealing your taste in style and color”. Click here for the full article from Rocket Homes.

Chic Picture Frame Ideas For Every Decor Aesthetic

Check out some of my quotes in The Zoe Report regarding picture frame ideas. Here is one thing that I had to say: “A less-is-more approach to frames/art,” says Pamela Durkin, interior designer and owner of Pamela Durkin Designs. “I would do larger pieces and have less of them, land et a few pieces make a large statement. Large white mattes, black frames, and graphic/black and white photos or subject matter will support a minimalist look.”

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