The home office is going to be an increasingly popular area for people. So many are starting new businesses and I am a firm believer that your environment absolutely contributes your performance. If we are not our best, we don’t produce our best work, which could be disastrous, especially if you work for yourself. I think we should do everything in our power to create success and the home office environment is crucial to this. Check out this article I was quoted in on

Some products that I think can help entrepreneurs be their best every day are:

1) Lounge chair with a working tabletop.

It’s been determined that we spend way too much time in one place during the day as evidenced by the popularity of the stand up desk. I think we need to have more places to comfortably work and be inspired. A comfortable lounge chair with a small table top gives another place to work. Sometimes that block we are having will be removed just by changing spots!

2) FLOR Carpet tile.

A great way to add some warmth and even customize the size to your home office space. This company has been making commercial products for many years and now that durability can be used in the home office, too. Not all office chairs roll easily on carpet and the low pile makes that so much more doable. Also, it is super durable so if you drop coffee on it, no problem!

3) Subconsciously feed your mind with your environment.

I have a vision board and some of my favorite sayings directly in my sight. These are all reminders of why I am working so hard and also reminders to stay on track. An office that inspires you can be the single most important factor in staying focused – we spend a million hours a day in this space, it should be feeding our creative spirit!