6 Must Know Answers for the Best Interior Design Project…..

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6 Must Know Answers for the Best Interior Design Project…..

I was honored to be on the President’s Panel recently at the Miromar Design Center in Florida. The panel consisted of Current and Past Presidents of the local chapters of ASID, AIA and the Interior Design Society. Some interesting questions from the audience were posed and I was happy to see that as time went on, the conversation got more personal and in depth.

When is the best time to get the team involved in a project? Universally, the answer was as soon as possible. It was also pointed out that synergy and collaboration were the best ways to produce the highest quality product. The team should ideally consist of an architect, interior designer, landscape architect and contractor. Having these four disciplines working together from the beginning ensures a seamless project all through the process.

What is the best way to incorporate existing furniture into a new space? I am all for surrounding yourself with the things you love or that hold special memories for you and your family. This is what gives spaces true meaning and joy. There are ways to make these pieces work and a professional can guide you on how to accomplish that.

What are some trends happening now in architecture & design? White houses with bracket details seem to be all the rage. In Florida, the beach cottage look is always popular. Greys are really hot in interiors with pops of brights like hot pink, cobalt blue and reds. Grey can have many shade variations and some change color from day to night. Keep in mind that while these details are popular that you truly like them before incorporating them into your home. Only those things you love will have staying power. Don’t fall victim to using every trend detail and not personalizing it or you will have created at space that screams 2016.

What should you look for in hiring an architect/interior designer? We are all here to solve problems and make the project better because we were involved. For that reason, we are here to get to know you and what makes a home special to you. When working with a professional, give them as much information about you as possible. If you cannot articulate it, provide as many pictures as possible so we can create a space that speaks to you. Make sure you check out who you are hiring. You can go online to the FL Department of Business and Professional Regulation (FL DBPR) and check out licensed professionals. Always have a contract that clearly defines the scope of services and pricing.

What should you know about your project? I always ask my clients: How long are you planning to stay in this property? This is a very important question. If you are planning to sell a property within 2 years, then I would approach the design completely differently than if you were going to stay there forever. If you are going to sell in short period of time, then the finishes would be much more neutral and all geared towards a future sale and appealing to a lot of potential buyers. This includes putting money in the kitchen and bathrooms but less in other areas. If you are going to stay in the home as long as possible, then I would incorporate design elements that would allow aging in place, such as curbless showers.

What do designers enjoy most about the design process? Personally, I like the process of learning about my client. I employ these techniques in both my residential and commercial projects. Discovering where someone is coming from or what they value in a business and then bringing it to life is the best part of my job!

If you have any questions you would like to ask us, simply reach out via email to [email protected] and we will be happy to answer them!

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