Publish October 20, 2023
online marketing

Are You In The Right Place? Maximizing Your Marketing Presence

It’s a question many designers and professionals find themselves asking: “Am I in the right place?” Knowing your ideal clients and the projects you’re passionate about is essential, but it’s only half the battle. The other half is ensuring you position yourself to be seen by those clients. And this isn’t just about virtual locations; it applies to the real world too. Today, we’ll delve deeper into the virtual world, focusing on maximizing your marketing presence on a giant in the marketing game – Social Media.

Hero Platforms: Your Beacon in the Digital World

In today’s digitized age, a myriad of social platforms are vying for our attention. So, which one should you pick? Here’s a tip: select a ‘Hero Platform.’ This is the platform where you’ll invest the majority of your time and resources. You might be pondering the implications of sidelining other platforms, but in reality, there are ample tools available to repurpose content seamlessly across various platforms. Concerned about redundancy? Don’t be. Often, users can’t recall where they first viewed a piece of content, and studies suggest they need at least seven exposures for it to make a lasting impact. For a clearer understanding of which platform caters to which demographics, keep reading as we’ve detailed it in subsequent sections.

Crafting Your Bio: Your Digital Business Card

Ever handed over a business card at a meeting? Think of your bio as your digital card. It should lucidly state whom you serve and why. Generic phrases won’t cut it. When a potential client clicks on your profile, they’re trying to decipher if you’re the solution to their problem. Your bio should assure them that they’re indeed in the right place.

Audience Curation: The Art of Digital Networking

Unlike real-life events where you can’t choose the attendees, on social media, you can. Take a proactive role. Identify and interact with accounts that either are potential clients or cater to your target market. This is more than mere following; it’s about building a digital community where your message finds its intended audience.

Social Media: The Digital Handshake

Picture social media as the first handshake at a networking event. It initiates a relationship, but it’s not where the relationship matures. To foster deeper connections, you need to migrate these acquaintances from the ‘rented land’ of social media to a domain you control, like an email list. How do you do that? By offering them value, be it in the form of a checklist, instructional video, or an insightful newsletter. Remember, owning an email list of potential customers is your goldmine because while social media algorithms and rules can change unpredictably, an email list remains a constant.

As you navigate the realm of online marketing, always come back to the core question: “Am I in the right place?” By choosing the right platform, crafting an impactful bio, curating your audience, and transitioning them to a medium you control, you ensure that you are not just in the right place, but also taking the right steps toward marketing success.

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