Publish November 8, 2023
Art for Art’s Sake
art pieces on the wall

Art for Art’s Sake: The Ultimate Personalized Expression

Art holds a special place in the heart of every home. It doesn’t just beautify, it defines. It’s an intimate expression, an echo of the homeowner’s personality, and a tale of their tastes and sensibilities.

Art Beyond the Frame

While many of us automatically think of framed paintings or photographs when we consider wall art, the realm of artistic decor extends far beyond that. Consider the vibrant creativity of wallpaper, or the raw, tactile allure of sculptural metal. Both can breathe life into a space, making a blank wall sing with character. Think outside the frame, and you might just find a new medium that speaks to you.

Making a Statement with Size

It’s no secret that larger pieces of art can command attention. A single, oversized piece can redefine a room, giving it an undeniable ‘Wow’ factor. But the magic lies not just in size, but in the context.

To illustrate, let’s take a look at a recent decor project I worked on. Instead of the usual wooden or metal frames, I chose wall trim to box in the art. This not only added a three-dimensional element but also provided a unique way to highlight the subject.

Inside these innovative ‘frames’, the walls were painted with Sherwin Williams Iron Ore – a color chosen specifically to act as a striking backdrop for the artwork, accentuating its details and making it leap off the wall.

Subject and Substance

The artwork, in this case, was a series of smoke patterns, drenched in a serene blue. To enhance the overall effect and give the art added depth, these patterns were printed on metal backgrounds. The result? A mesmerizing interplay of color, texture, and form.

To ensure stability and precision in display, each piece was hung using a French Cleat system. This not only ensures that the art remains securely in place but also adds a professional finish to the installation.

Positioned strategically over a conversation area, these pieces not only embellished the space but became focal points in their own right. The setting didn’t require an overload of decorative items. The art alone created an ambience of simplicity, beauty, and intrigue.


Art has an innate power. It can transform a space, evoke emotions, and spark conversations. And while traditional forms will always have their charm, it’s worth exploring unconventional mediums and innovative presentation techniques. After all, in the world of art, there are no rules – only expressions waiting to be realized.


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