Publish December 13, 2023
Behind A Magnetic Interior Design Business: Appearance on Thrive in Design Podcast
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The Power of Design: Stepping Into Your True Potential

Today, I had the pleasure of being a guest on the Thrive in Design podcast, hosted by Nicole Lashae Ben, where we discussed the power of design with a focus on personal growth and creating a business we love. In this blog post, I will be sharing insights from our podcast conversation and diving deeper into the transformative journey of stepping into your true potential through design.

Unleashing Your Design Superpowers

Design is a powerful tool that allows us to create spaces that not only look beautiful but also have a profound impact on our lives. During the podcast, I emphasized the importance of designers embracing their power and unleashing their design superpowers. After three decades in the high-end design industry, I now help other designers discover their unique abilities and create businesses they love through my in-demand designer program.

Magnetic Attraction and Fulfilling Businesses

One crucial aspect of stepping into your design power is learning how to be magnetic and attract the best clients. In my program, I teach designers how to build a business that is not only easier but also more fulfilling. By understanding the fundamentals of marketing, we can create authentic connections with our target audience. People want to know the people they’re doing business with, and by sharing our stories and personal interests, we allow potential clients to see the real us. This transparency creates trust and establishes a deeper connection, making it easier for clients to choose us.

Discovering Your Passion

Passion plays a significant role in driving our career choices. During the podcast, I shared my personal journey, starting from when I discovered my passion for interior design in high school. The combination of creativity and technical skills required for interior design fascinated me, and I knew it was my calling. Throughout my career, I have worked in both commercial and residential design, allowing me to explore different avenues of creativity and adapt to changing market demands.

Balancing Creativity and Business

As designers, we often find ourselves getting bored with the same type of projects. The beauty of working in both residential and commercial design is that it allows us to flex our creative muscles in different ways. Residential design offers a more personal and emotional connection with clients, while commercial design can challenge us to think strategically and solve complex problems. By diversifying our portfolio, we can adapt to market shifts and maintain a balanced workload.

Navigating the Evolving Design Industry

The design industry, like any other, has experienced significant changes over the years. As designers, we must adapt and navigate through these changes to ensure our businesses thrive. During our conversation, I emphasized the importance of being proactive in marketing and staying up-to-date with industry trends. By telling stories and showcasing our expertise, we can attract the right clients and set ourselves apart from the competition.

Creating an Avatar and Crafting Your Message

To effectively market ourselves, we must create an avatar – a detailed profile of our ideal client. Understanding who we want to attract helps us craft a tailored message that resonates with them. Identifying our avatar’s preferences, needs, and desires allows us to communicate the value we bring to the table. By focusing our marketing efforts on the platforms where our avatars are present, we can optimize our resources and reach the right audience.

Transforming Your Design Business

In my coaching program, I take designers through a process of discovery to help them achieve success. We delve into their goals, analyze profitability, and create a solid marketing strategy. By looking at the numbers, identifying the best clients, and understanding our own desires, we can align our business with our personal vision. Marketing becomes more intentional, and designers can achieve the growth and fulfillment they seek.

It was an honor to talk with Nicole Lashae Ben on the Thrive in Design Podcast. Listen to the full episode here. Tune into my podcast on iTunes here or on my website and keep up with my other blog posts. Remember, as designers, we have the ability to make a difference in the lives of our clients and create spaces that bring joy, comfort, and inspiration. Let’s continue to thrive and design together!