Publish November 3, 2023
Being Magenta: To Market Your Design Business Better
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Being Magenta: Bold Ways to Market Your Design Business in 2023

Pantone has spoken: the Color of the Year is Viva Magenta. This vibrant hue embodies courage, unbridled joy, and a spirit of experimentation. It’s a clarion call for unrestrained self-expression. But as you marvel at this color, here’s a question to ponder: Did your design business embrace this essence in the past year? If not, maybe 2023 is the year to embrace the ‘Magenta Mindset’ and shake things up a bit. Let’s dive into a few innovative ways to market your design business better.

Embrace Self-Awareness

The first step to growth is self-awareness. Those little nagging frustrations at work? Don’t dismiss them. Instead, journal them. Understand the core of what irks you and your clients. Identifying the issues is half the battle won. Once you have a clear list, you can strategize on rectifying them. After all, improvement stems from both awareness and proactive action.

Craft Your Unique Business Structure

In an era flooded with opinions and ‘expert advice’, it’s easy to lose our individuality. While it’s helpful to understand industry standards and best practices, remember that your business is uniquely yours. You’re its captain. Instead of blindly mirroring others, tailor your business operations to what fits best for you and your clientele. Your life stage, business phase, and personal preferences should guide your structural decisions.

Celebrate the Lessons from ‘Failures’

There’s no innovation without risk. And where there’s risk, there’s a possibility of not always hitting the mark. But instead of viewing these as ‘failures’, consider them valuable lessons. Every new venture, be it a fresh service offering or a revamped marketing plan, offers growth. The Magenta spirit encourages you to be fearless, learn, iterate, and keep moving forward.

Seize Unexpected Moments

In a world of endless marketing noise, especially during the holiday season, why not stand out by choosing less crowded moments? A St. Patrick’s Day greeting, for instance, echoing sentiments like “I’m so lucky to have you as a client!” can leave a lasting impression.

The Power of FedEx

In this digital age, personal touches stand out more than ever. If you’re trying to catch the attention of a potential referral partner or an elusive client, ditch the usual channels. Send your information via FedEx. Not only does it bypass gatekeepers, but there’s an inherent excitement in receiving a FedEx package. It’s unexpected and almost always ensures your material gets viewed.

Stand Out in Unexpected Places

Take a leaf out of the jeweler’s book who set up shop at a horse auction. While men splurged on horses, the jeweler offered them an easy way to appease any potential spousal frustration – buy them a beautiful piece of jewelry. So, think outside the box. Where can you position your design business where no other designers are present? Find that niche and make it your own.

2023 beckons with the promise of the bold and fearless Magenta spirit. It’s a call to break molds, redefine norms, and truly stand out. Whether it’s through self-awareness, unexpected marketing moments, or positioning yourself uniquely, it’s time to let your design business shine bright and magenta!


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