Publish December 12, 2023
Unleashing the Power of the Blue Sheet in Your Design Business
blue paper and materials

Breaking Through to the Next Level

As a design business owner, are you tired of feeling like you’re spinning plates, waiting for consistent projects to come your way? Do you want to transition your business from a hobby to a thriving venture? Discover how the blue sheet technique can propel your design business beyond the five-figure ceiling.

The Pitfalls of Traditional Approaches

Many design business owners struggle with pricing and tracking processes that leave room for mistakes and missed opportunities. Ordering directly from websites with no paper trail and entering generic information into accounting software can lead to confusion and inefficiency.

The Importance of Detailed Paperwork

In the design business, attention to detail is paramount. A lack of proper paperwork can result in overlooked information and costly errors. Simplify and improve your workflow with the blue sheet.

The Blue Sheet: Your Design Business Bible

Using colored paper – typically blue – the blue sheet stands out among a sea of white and serves as a go-to document for pricing and ordering. It consolidates all the essential information needed to place orders accurately.

What Goes on the Blue Sheet?

When creating a blue sheet, include crucial details such as manufacturer, request date, and product destination. Additionally, describe the item, including its location and specific requirements. Continuously update the blue sheet as changes occur, ensuring it remains a comprehensive source of information.

The Power of Documentation and Adaptability

The blue sheet acts as a dynamic document that captures changes throughout the ordering process. By promptly updating it with any modifications, you maintain an organized and up-to-date record.

Taking It to the Next Level: Yellow Sheets and Workshops

As your design business evolves, the blue sheet becomes a purchase order. For those seeking further growth, consider exploring yellow sheets through an upcoming workshop that dives deep into advanced techniques.

Simplify Your Business with the Blue Sheet

Running a successful design business demands efficient processes and attention to detail. The blue sheet technique streamlines pricing, ordering, and communication, reducing mistakes and enhancing productivity. Unlock the potential of your design business by implementing the power of the blue sheet.

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