Publish November 15, 2023
Bringing More ‘Yes!’ to Your 2023
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Bringing More ‘Yes!’ to Your 2023

As the fresh excitement of 2023 takes shape, it’s essential that the enthusiasm and hope tied to a New Year doesn’t dissipate too quickly. Let’s hold onto that zeal and ride its wave throughout the year. After all, I’ve affectionately termed this year the Year of Yes! It’s a mantra that I believe each one of us can, and should, embrace.

Why the “Year of Yes!”?

The realization hit me hard – a vast expanse of time had slipped through my fingers, filled with hesitations and missed opportunities. How many dreams had I set aside? How many plans had I shelved due to fear? This year, I decided to challenge myself to pivot from this paradigm. I wanted to grant myself the audacity to say YES to those passions and pursuits that had been hibernating in the recesses of my mind.

Perhaps you resonate with this sentiment. Maybe you have ambitions in your business or personal life that remain untouched, encased in the “someday” bubble. If so, the Year of Yes! is your call to action!

However, a point of clarification is essential here. Embracing the “Year of Yes!” doesn’t translate to becoming a ‘yes-man’ or ‘yes-woman’. It doesn’t mean recklessly saying yes to every proposition or opportunity that knocks on your door. Instead, it’s a focused affirmation. It’s about saying yes to pursuits that align with your core values and desired trajectory for the year. It’s about prioritizing what truly matters, about consciously choosing what gets your ‘yes’ and what warrants a ‘no’.

So, you might wonder, how does one navigate this Year of Yes? Here’s a roadmap:


    • What’s working? Recognize and reinforce your strengths and successful strategies.
    • What’s not working? Identify bottlenecks and obstacles. Remember, every ‘no’ makes room for a better ‘yes’.
    • What’s missing? Pinpoint the gaps in your strategy or life that need filling.
    • What’s next? Envision the future. Where do you want to be by the end of this year?

These questions aren’t just theoretical. They’re practical tools to guide your journey through 2023. For a deeper dive into this, I’d recommend listening to Episode 4 of my podcast, Marketing By Design. It provides a comprehensive breakdown of how these questions can catalyze transformative changes.

Your Action Step

Don’t just read this and move on. Act. Schedule a dedicated day away from the hustle and bustle of daily commitments. Step out of your regular environment – be it your office or home – and invest time in introspection and planning. This ‘off-site’ will be a foundation stone for your Year of Yes!.

2023 is pregnant with potential. It beckons with promise. Will it be just another year, or will it be your Year of Yes!? The choice is yours. Embrace the adventure, say ‘Yes!’ to your dreams, and make this year truly unforgettable.

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