Publish December 8, 2023
How to charge TOP DOLLAR in your small town!

How to charge TOP DOLLAR in your small town!

Whether you’re an interior designer or dog trainer, owning a service-oriented business has several common threads running through it. The goal is the same – creating value for clients and establishing a solid position in your market, even if it’s an atypical one! That’s why I’m sharing insights from an interview with Kelly Elvin, a successful dog trainer from Michigan, whose unique business approach provides a fresh perspective and actionable strategies for service-based businesses like home and interior design companies.

Becoming a Premium Service Provider in a Small Town Market

In the initial years of her second career as a dog trainer, Kelly faced the challenge of creating a luxury product in a market that didn’t know such a service was possible. The trick – as Kelly learned – is to ensure that your market knows what’s possible.

If people are unaware of a premium service in their area, it’s only because no one’s introduced them to it yet. The challenge here lies in creating awareness of your quality services and why they are worth the premium prices. This approach can apply to not just dog training, but to multiple service-based professions, including interior design.

The Power of Incremental Price Increases

Increasing your prices to reflect the value you provide can be a daunting task. The key, as Kelly suggests, is doing it in increments and often. Waiting too long to raise your prices may result in massive leaps that might shock your customers. Instead, smaller, more frequent increases will align better with the value provided and be more digestible for your clients.

Importance of Cultivating Relationships

One of Kelly’s strategies was building relationships with local pet businesses, veterinarians, and other similar entities that held influencing capabilities in the dog-owner community. She built symbiotic relationships, offering to bring them customers while generating a buzz for her business—a concept that can be implemented in any business realm.

Scheduling Downtime as a Priority

Not everything about growing a service-based business is about expanding services or increasing prices. An equally important aspect is maintaining your sanity while managing the growth. Kelly emphasizes the importance of scheduling downtime to avoid burnout, and putting off client engagement during this period. This pause allows you to serve your current clients better and re-energize yourself for new ones.

Optimal Business Growth

One of the lessons that resound across various industries is the necessity to evolve as your business grows. What worked in the early stages of the business may not be suitable as it expands. Being aware of the changing needs and adjusting your strategies accordingly is crucial for sustainable business growth.

This interview with Kelly Elvin is packed with insights from a unique perspective that can apply to all service businesses. To get the full scoop and extract all the valuable lessons, listen to the complete podcast!

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