Publish June 24, 2024
CLOSE more of the jobs you WANT

Hello everyone! I’m excited to sit down with you today to chat about how to close more sales in your interior design business. We’ll cover strategies to attract inquiries, qualify leads, and improve your sales techniques.

Creating a Connection

Building a connection with your audience is crucial. Think of our chat as a casual coffee meeting. When you engage your audience by asking them where they’re tuning in from or about their design work, it creates a sense of community and gives you valuable demographic insights.

Common Challenges

In the interior design world, many of us excel in design but struggle with the business side, particularly sales and marketing. Here are some common challenges:

1. Very Few Inquiries: It’s discouraging when there’s little to no interest.
2. Inquiries Not the Right Fit: Sometimes the inquiries you get don’t match the kind of projects you want or the clients misunderstand the costs and value of your work.
3. Not Closing Opportunities: You may be excited about the opportunities but find it challenging to close deals.

Understanding the Sales Process

Knowing the stages of the sales process can transform your approach:

1. Awareness: Potential clients know you exist.
2. Interest: They’re interested in what you offer.
3. Decision: They’re ready to decide whether to hire you.

Qualifying Your Clients

A common mistake is assuming potential clients are ready to hire you for the reasons you want to be hired. Spend more time qualifying clients right from the start by asking:

– Why are you contacting me now?
– Have you hired a designer before?
– What was your experience with your previous designer?

These questions help you understand their urgency and expectations, allowing you to tailor your responses and services better.

Leveraging Testimonials and Niche Markets

Your website can be a goldmine if used correctly. For instance, I came across a designer’s website that mentioned her success with remotely-managed projects and designing pet-friendly homes. Highlighting unique selling points like these can help you connect with and attract the right clients.

Building a Network

Your network is another powerful tool. Encourage third-party recommendations from friends, family, and acquaintances. A glowing review can often bypass the need for a client to interview multiple designers.

Workshop Alert: Sales for Introverts

I’m excited to announce my upcoming workshop, “Sales for Introverts.” It’s designed to help you refine your sales techniques, set clear boundaries, and close deals effectively. This workshop will introduce the ‘shock and awe’ box, a tool to help you stand out and make a lasting impression on potential clients.

If you’re dealing with few inquiries, unsuitable leads, or trouble closing deals, start by asking better questions to qualify potential clients effectively. Understanding their motivations, needs, and how they found you can significantly improve your conversion rates. If you want to master these skills and see a real change in your business, join the “Sales for Introverts” workshop. The waitlist is open now!

Stay tuned for more insights, and let’s transform your business together. Until next time, take care, and keep designing! Click here to listen to the full podcast! And make sure to keep up with my other blog posts.


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