Publish December 11, 2023
Ready to be appreciated and TRUSTED by clients?

Ready to Be Appreciated and Trusted by Clients

It’s hard to feel like you’re spinning all the plates in your design business and that they could come crashing down at any moment. Are you yearning to break through to the next level, but struggling to attract consistent projects? If you’re ready to transform your design business from a hobby into a thriving venture, then welcome to the Six Figure Designer Podcast.

Why I Created the Hobby To 100k Workshop

Throughout my journey as a designer, I have had the pleasure of meeting countless talented individuals. Designers who are not only incredibly skilled and creative but also genuinely care about their clients’ needs and aspirations. However, what I have noticed is that many designers find themselves running after every possible opportunity, from new builds to renovations, and even niche projects like teen rooms or product design.

Chasing every opportunity isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it allows you to fulfill your creative outlet. Creating spaces that truly make a difference in people’s lives is what drives you. However, it can also be exhausting, chaotic, and at times, demoralizing. Dealing with clients who question your vision, scrutinize the tiniest details, and nitpick every expense can drain your energy and leave you feeling lost.

The Struggles of a Designer Mom

For those of you who also juggle small children alongside your design business, I understand the unique challenges you face. Balancing two full-time jobs—being a mom and a designer—is no small feat. It’s natural to want to have your own identity, one that goes beyond being a parent. You want to be recognized as a skilled designer with creative ideas that can help others. But, you also yearn for your design work to be successful, seen, and appreciated.

Introducing the Hobby to 100k Workshop

That’s precisely why I created the Hobby to 100k Workshop. Drawing from my own experiences, I started my design business when I reached a breaking point in my previous job. Despite the hurdles of being a new mother and dealing with a stressful time, I decided to quit and embark on my entrepreneurial journey.

I understand the struggles and frustration that can come with starting a design business from scratch. That’s why I want to help you achieve success faster and with fewer obstacles than I encountered. The Hobby to 100k Workshop is designed to help you:

1. Attract Great Clients: Learn techniques to attract clients who appreciate your vision and trust your expertise.

2. Charge What You’re Worth: Gain confidence in setting fair prices for your services and avoid undervaluing your skills.

3. Establish Boundaries: Feel empowered to turn down projects that aren’t the right fit for you and your business.

4. Achieve Success Faster: Benefit from the wisdom I’ve gained over the past 30 years in the industry and accelerate your path to success.

Thanks for reading the Six Figure Designer Podcast, and remember, if you’re ready to make six figures in your interior design business, be sure to explore my Design Business Bootcamp. Our next session starts soon, so let’s get you to six figures, stat! Tune into the full episode on iTunes here or on my website and keep up with my other blog posts.