Publish November 14, 2023
Your Influence is Greater Than You Think….
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Your Influence is Greater Than You Think: Harnessing the Power of Connection

In today’s digital era, our influence extends far beyond the immediate circles we physically interact with. This was a realization that struck me deeply during a recent Design Influencers Conference in the picturesque locale of Buckhead, GA. Joining me were 200 other design aficionados, all sharing a common love for the craft.

The conference was not just about design; it was about the connections that we’ve nurtured through the virtual world, which had now materialized into the real one. There was a particular group of designers I had been interacting with over zoom calls for nearly two years. Meeting them in person, the interaction felt seamlessly natural. It was as if we were picking up a conversation from yesterday, although, in reality, we were meeting for the very first time. We laughed, exchanged stories, discussed business, and shared experiences over a span of three days. It was a testament to the profound connections we can build through modern communication channels.

More Impactful than You May Think

But beyond the connections and the camaraderie, the conference was an eye-opener in terms of the influence we wield. Whether we’re reaching out to a 100 or 10,000, each number represents an individual, a person who values our thoughts, seeks our advice, or finds inspiration in our work. If you were to picture your online audience in a room, waiting to hear you speak, you’d realize that even the seemingly smaller numbers aren’t that small after all. Each person in that “room” looks up to you for guidance, inspiration, and expertise. The potential impact and influence are staggering!

Influence Responsibility

However, with such influence comes responsibility. It’s not just about numbers or how many ‘likes’ a post gets. It’s about the message we’re putting out into the world. It’s our duty to speak up about the aspects of our industry that demand attention, to voice concerns that impact our clients, and to celebrate the design elements that resonate deeply with our aesthetic sense. More than that, it’s about delving deep into our passion for design and articulating how it can be a transformative force in people’s lives.

I urge you to not just get loud but to get meaningfully loud. Share with the world why design is not just about pretty spaces but how it can positively influence emotions, experiences, and daily lives. Showcase how design can be therapeutic, how it can be a reflection of one’s identity, and how it has the power to evoke memories, happiness, and comfort.

Challenge Status Quo

And while you’re at it, challenge the status quo. Address areas that need improvement or change. Highlight concerns, advocate for solutions, and be a beacon for those who are seeking guidance. Use your platform to not just display your work but to educate, inspire, and lead.

Your design influence, is truly greater than you might believe. Each of us, in our unique way, has the power to make a difference. The question now is – what message do you want to send out into the world, and how loudly are you willing to proclaim it? It’s time to harness our collective influence and drive meaningful change in the world of design and beyond.


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