Publish December 17, 2023
Coaching Client WINS a 9000 s.f. project!
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Running a Mastermind

For over a year and a half, I’ve been running a mastermind group for designers, and it has been an incredible experience. This group has provided a supportive community and shared valuable insights. There’s immense value in joining a mastermind group.

Navigating Big Opportunities

One of the designers in our mastermind recently faced a monumental opportunity. It was the biggest project she had ever taken on and came with a tremendous design fee. However, she felt overwhelmed and unsure about how to proceed. Additionally, a current client’s constant questioning was undermining her confidence.

Facing New Opportunities

We discussed the importance of embracing new opportunities, even when they seem overwhelming. Every new opportunity in your design business will have a first time. The key is to work through the fear and use these experiences as stepping stones for personal and professional growth. Regardless of whether you secure the project or not, the lessons learned will be invaluable.

Rebuilding Confidence

A major challenge for this designer was rebuilding her confidence. Despite her impressive skills and experience, her current client’s constant questioning had shaken her belief in herself. It’s crucial to be mindful of the people you work with and the projects you undertake, as they can profoundly impact your growth and self-assurance.

Handling Large Projects

The designer’s biggest concern was whether she could handle a project of this scale. We emphasized that large projects follow the same principles as smaller ones, just on a bigger scale. By breaking down the project into manageable phases and drawing on her expertise, she realized that she had the skills necessary to succeed.

Presenting Deign Fees

Presenting design fees can be intimidating for many designers. The fear of charging what we believe we are worth can hold us back. We discussed a technique that allows designers to present fees in a balanced approach, reducing stress for both the designer and the client. This approach gives clients time to recognize the value and expertise that the designer brings to the table.

The Power of the Mastermind

The positive outcomes of our mastermind sessions extended beyond project success. The designer’s confidence grew, and she gained valuable insights into handling future opportunities. The Elevate Inner Circle Mastermind provided a supportive platform for sharing everyday challenges, brainstorming solutions, and enhancing business practices.

Moving from a design hobbyist to a six-figure designer is no small feat. However, with the right techniques, mindset, and support network, it is absolutely attainable. The Elevate Inner Circle Mastermind has proven to be an invaluable resource for designers seeking growth and success. If you want to secure larger projects and handle substantial design fees, reach out and learn more about the Elevate Inner Circle Mastermind. Together, we can transform your design business and bring it to new heights.

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