Publish December 1, 2023
Insights from My Journey – Appearance on Summit International Flooring Podcast

Elevating Your Interior Design Game: Insights from My Journey

Hey there, I’m Pamela Durkin, and I recently had a chat with Mark Becker from International Flooring on their show, “Summit Live.” In our conversation, we talked about my adventures and experiences gained over a whopping 30 years in the interior design world. We zoomed in on a few essential topics that I’m excited to share with you: networking, coaching, and finding your groove in the interior design scene.

My Design Journey

Let’s start with my backstory. My design journey kicked off in the commercial design arena, and as time went by, I made the leap into the world of residential design. About 22 years ago, I decided to take the plunge and launch my own design firm. Today, I’m hanging my hat in sunny Naples, Florida, where I’m known for my expertise in both residential and commercial design.

The Power of Networking in Interior Design

Networking is the name of the game when it comes to making it big in the interior design world, especially when you’re in a new location like Naples. If you’re a designer looking to expand your horizons, my advice is to roll up your sleeves and get involved with designer and builder organizations. These connections are like gold mines for building a network that leads to top-notch project leads.

But let’s not kid ourselves; the world has changed quite a bit since the pandemic hit. In a time where face-to-face interactions have become a bit trickier, we also need to recognize the power of virtual connections. Video calls, podcasts, interviews, and the like have become lifelines for maintaining relationships and exploring fresh opportunities. In this digital era, being at ease in front of the camera and letting your personality shine through can be a game-changer.

Finding Your Niche in Interior Design

Now, here’s the real gem I want to share: finding your niche in interior design. It’s all about understanding what you genuinely enjoy doing and the type of clients you want to work with. So many designers find themselves taking on projects outside their comfort zones just because they need the work. I’m all about creating a “client avatar.” It’s like painting a picture of both the projects you adore and the personalities you click with. This approach lets you concentrate on projects that light a fire under you and match your skills, which, in turn, leads to happier clients and better outcomes.

From Designer to Coach: My Transformation

My own journey from being a successful designer to a dedicated coach is quite the tale. I stumbled into coaching when I joined a mastermind group. While it was never on my radar, people started asking me for advice because of my unique perspective on business challenges. This shift taught me the importance of embracing our natural talents and using them to help others succeed. Your gifts, the things that come naturally to you, can be your secret sauce for success.

Coaching is like turbocharging your career. By tapping into my 30 years of experience, designers can fast-track their growth. I urge designers to take a step back, make thoughtful decisions, and create a blueprint for their future. It’s not just about reacting to opportunities but about setting a course. I even penned a book in 2019, “Elevate,” where I dive even deeper into these principles and offer a guide to building a successful interior design business.

Elevate Your Interior Design Business

My design business, Pamela Durkin Designs, is my way of showing my commitment to this craft and my eagerness to help others shine. Whether you want to enhance your design business, find your niche, or just pick up some insights about the interior design world, my journey and wisdom have a lot to offer.

The insights from my chat with Mark Becker can serve as your roadmap to a more successful interior design career. I stress the importance of networking, finding your passion, and how coaching can be a game-changer. Success in interior design isn’t just about the projects you take on; it’s about finding joy and contentment in your professional life. To watch the full discussion, just head over to the “Summit Live” episode on YouTube.

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