Publish December 3, 2023
Wanna QUIT?!?
don't panic

Quitting the Entrepreneurial Journey: Overcoming Challenges and Finding Success

“It’s hard to feel like you’re spinning all the plates in your design business and at any moment they could all come crashing down.”

Are you feeling overwhelmed and stuck in your design business, constantly juggling multiple tasks with little progress? Do you dream of taking your business from a mere hobby to a thriving six-figure enterprise? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we will delve into the insightful conversations from the “Six Figure Designer Podcast” and explore the key techniques that will help you unlock the potential of your design business.

The Frustration of Plate-Spinning

The podcast episode begins by addressing the common frustration of feeling like you’re spinning too many plates in your design business. The fear of failure looms large, and consistent projects seem elusive. This resonates with many aspiring design entrepreneurs who are eager to break through the five-figure ceiling. The speaker empathizes with the audience’s struggle and promises to share techniques for paying yourself, attracting great clients, and finally breaking through to six figures.

A Desperate Urge to Quit

One designer’s story stands out, where they feel completely overwhelmed and burnt out. She said, “I want to quit being an entrepreneur. I have had too many weeks from hell.” Administrative tasks consume most of their time, leaving little room for their passion for interior design. They’ve had enough of dealing with difficult clients and the stress of financial obligations. The speaker acknowledges the frustration and acknowledges that they’ve been in that situation themselves. They highlight the importance of addressing major issues in the business to regain control and prevent burnout.

 The Need for Guidance

“Do you ever just wish someone would just tell you what to do next?” The designer in the story admits to feeling lost and yearning for guidance. They crave someone who can keep them on track and tell them what to focus on next. Many entrepreneurs can relate to this overwhelming feeling of uncertainty when faced with tasks like social media management, website improvement, or hiring. The podcast assures the audience that they will provide three key ways to make owning a design business much easier in the upcoming episode.

We’ve explored the frustrations, challenges, and aspirations shared in the “Six Figure Designer Podcast.” Tune into the full episode of the Six Figure Designer Podcast for a deeper dive into these insights or on iTunes here and keep up with my other blog posts. Taking your design business from a hobby to six figures requires addressing major issues, finding guidance, and focusing on the right tasks. It’s important not to give in to the urge to quit but instead seek out the techniques and strategies that will propel your business forward. Stay tuned for the next episode, where we will dive deeper into the three ways for making your design business journey much smoother. Remember, your dream of a thriving six-figure design business is within reach.