Publish December 10, 2023
Shed the CHAOS
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Shed the Chaos

Do you ever feel like you’re spinning multiple plates in your design business, just waiting for them to come crashing down? Are you longing for consistent projects that can take your business to the next level? If so welcome to the Marketing by Design blog where we delve into the techniques you need to turn your design passion into a thriving business that generates over $100,000 in revenue and beyond.

Feeling Like Something’s Missing?

Perhaps you find yourself thinking, “There’s something missing.” You’re longing for those great projects that never seem to come in consistently. Instead, you end up taking on less-than-ideal projects just to keep money flowing into your business. But the downside is that you become overwhelmed with clients who drive you absolutely crazy. They nitpick every decision you make, scrutinize every charge, and question everything you say. It’s no wonder you’re stressed to the max.

Balancing Act: Spinning Plates

Imagine a juggler trying to keep all those spinning plates above their head, continuously adding more and more to the mix. That’s what it feels like for many designers running their own businesses. Countless details, various projects, different types of clients — they all come at us fast and furious. It’s a delicate balance, and one wrong move can send all those plates crashing to the ground. It’s no wonder you struggle to sleep at night.

“Hobby to 100K Workshop”

That’s why I’m excited to offer you the “Hobby to 100K Workshop.” Join me for this live, three-hour workshop where I’ll share my secrets for finding great clients and commanding five-figure design fees. Most of my clients sign up within seven to ten days, starting and finishing their projects with a five-figure design fee.

The Smooth and Successful Process

I’ll walk you through the process from the initial call to signing up, ensuring a smooth and successful outcome. Incorporating this process into your business will amaze you with its simplicity and effectiveness. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain confidence and take your design business to the next level.

Thank you for listening to the Six Figure Designer Podcast. If you’re ready to elevate your interior design business to six figures, consider joining my Design Business Bootcamp. The next session is starting soon, so let’s get you to six figures stat!

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