Here we are at the start of the holiday season, where friends and family come over to celebrate with us.  This should be a wonderful time to reconnect but for many, it’s super stressful.  We all want our home to look Architectural Digest perfect but in reality, it does not.  Keep in mind, those pictures are supposed to look perfect and are staged, kind of like models being Photoshopped to look better than they really look….ever….  Your home should reflect your lifestyle, and there are a few things you can do to make it look great and still feel like you have some design swag.

Proudly display your family photos.  This are the memories that we want to relive and remember, do not put them in a closet! If you have put photos in various frames over the years and it looks like a garage sale collection (and not in a hipster cool kind of way) then go ahead and re-frame these in all similar colored or styled frames.  I like different textures in all the same color.

If you have a collection, gather them up and group them together.  Place all these pieces in one area rather than all over the house and they will have more impact.  If they are all the same item, like teacups, try to vary their heights to create some interest.

Clean up the clutter.  Edit, edit, edit.  Take out the things you inherited from Great Aunt Sue that you really don’t like or that weird piece that you never quite found a place for.  There is something soothing about getting rid of extraneous kitch.

Keep it simple, follow your instincts, and display those items you really love.  It’s not rocket science and you don’t need to worry about making a mistake, you’re not performing brain surgery here.  Just create a home that makes you feel comfortable, happy and you will truly have a place to call home for the holidays!