Publish September 18, 2023
How To Elevate Your Design Business: Appearance on the EntreArchitect Podcast

In a recent episode of the EntreArchitect podcast, I had the pleasure of being a guest and sharing my experiences in the design industry. Hosted by Mark R. Lepage, the podcast aims to inspire and educate small firm entrepreneur architects. During our conversation, we explored various topics such as the power of design, magnetic marketing techniques, and the importance of working in your zone of genius.

The Journey of Design: A Conversation with Marc R. Lepage

During the podcast, I had the opportunity to reflect on my own design journey and how my passion for interior design evolved over the years. It all began when I took a class called home economics in high school, led by an interior designer who introduced me to the world of interior design. The merging of artistic creativity and technical skills in interior design instantly captivated me. This realization led me to pursue a career in interior design, ultimately establishing my own design business.

Empowering Design Professionals through Magnetic Marketing Technique

Design is a powerful tool that has the ability to transform spaces and impact lives. In my mission to empower design professionals, I now help others create businesses they love through magnetic marketing techniques. By leveraging the principles of magnetic marketing, designers can attract the best clients and communicate the value they offer. As the author of the book “Elevate: How to Take Your Design Business from the Basement to the Penthouse,” I outline strategies and techniques to grow your own design business.

Discovering Your Ideal Client and Motivating Factors

Understanding our ideal clients and their motivating factors is crucial for building a successful design business. Through market research and client feedback, we can gain insights into why clients choose our services and what drives their decision-making process. By aligning our marketing efforts with their needs and desires, we can create a compelling value proposition that attracts the right clients.

Working in Your Zone of Genius: Maximizing Profitability and Growth

Working in your zone of genius is essential for achieving long-term success. As small firm architects and designers, we often find ourselves wearing multiple hats and juggling various tasks. However, it is vital to discern where our strengths lie and focus our time and energy on activities that align with our expertise. By delegating tasks, shedding non-moneymaking activities, and dedicating time to strategic planning and high-value tasks, we can maximize our profitability and drive business growth.

Reflecting on Your Business: Fostering Innovation and Evolution

In order to continually improve and innovate our design businesses, it is essential to take regular breaks away from the office. I encourage you to schedule at least one day each quarter for reflection and strategic planning. Use this time to think about the next iteration of your business, consider new opportunities, and explore ways to provide even more value to your clients. By stepping outside of the day-to-day operations, you can gain a fresh perspective and identify areas for growth and improvement.

I am grateful to Marc R. Lepage and the EntreArchitect podcast for providing a platform to share my insights on elevating design businesses. It is my passion to help designers and design professionals tap into their potential, attract their ideal clients, and build successful businesses. Through magnetic marketing techniques, working in our zone of genius, and fostering innovation, we can elevate our design businesses to new heights. Remember, design is powerful, and by embracing the power within us, we can create a lasting impact in the industry. Listen to the full episode here. Tune into my podcast on iTunes here or on my website and keep up with my other blog posts.