Publish December 11, 2023
How to make MONEY in your business

How to Make Money in Your Design Business: From Hobby to Six Figures

Are you feeling overwhelmed, like you’re spinning all the plates in your design business and they could come crashing down at any moment? In this podcast, we will discuss the techniques you need to implement in your design business to start paying yourself, attract great clients, and break through that five-figure ceiling.

The Importance of Getting Your Finances Right

One of the biggest challenges in the design industry is figuring out how to price your services effectively. Many designers struggle with finding the right pricing strategy for their business. It’s crucial to prioritize getting your finances right in your design business if you want to grow beyond a hobby. This includes understanding how to price your services appropriately.

Passion vs. Profit

As designers, we often love what we do and would do it for free. However, it’s important to strike a balance between passion and profit. While it’s great to enjoy the process of creating and helping others through design, it’s crucial to make enough money to sustain your craft. You need to prioritize your financial success in order to keep your business running smoothly.

Experience and Expertise

Many designers feel like they don’t have enough experience or technical skills to charge more for their services. However, waiting for years of experience or acquiring additional technical skills is not a sustainable solution. Regardless of your experience level, you deserve to be rewarded for the value you bring to your clients. It’s time to shift your mindset and charge what you’re worth.

Building Confidence and Overcoming Doubts

Financial insecurity in your design business can lead to a lack of confidence in your abilities. You may start questioning whether you’re cut out for this industry. External pressures, such as your spouse wondering when your business will take off, can add to your doubts. It’s important to address these doubts and regain your confidence. Believe in yourself and your skills as a designer.

The Importance of Business Strategy

Building a successful design business requires proactive efforts to attract better opportunities. Relying solely on your design skills and waiting for clients to come to you might not be enough. In our upcoming “Hobby to 100k” workshop, we’ll discuss effective business strategies to position yourself in front of great clients and better projects. Taking a proactive approach can lead to exciting opportunities that align with your goals.

Increasing Clients’ Trust Before Being Hired

Building trust with potential clients is crucial for getting hired. In our workshop, we’ll explore strategies to increase clients’ trust in your skills and professionalism even before they decide to work with you. By establishing trust early on, you’ll find that clients will be more likely to hire you and recommend your services to others.

Knowing When an Opportunity Is a Good Fit

Accepting projects that are a poor fit for your skills or goals often leads to frustration and regrets. During our workshop, we’ll equip you with the tools to evaluate whether an opportunity is a good fit for your business. Learning to assess projects upfront will save you the heartache and headaches that come with taking on the wrong projects.

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