The Kitchen is the most renovated space in the home. Technology and design are making huge strides in making this space the center of the home when cooking or not. Cooking areas are becoming hidden, only revealed when needed. Prep areas are multipurpose, to provide a myriad of functions, all without taking a step.

One of the coolest things I have seen is Boffi’s hidden cook top.Induction elements are hidden under your solid surface counter. Clean up must be a breeze!


Rossana’s K-In and K-Out is an island that completely hides the cook top and sink until it is needed. Slide outs expand the peninsula, revealing these when needed. No need to worry about dirty dishes in the sink, just cover them up! Interestingly, this unit can be used indoors or out.


Franke, known for its sinks, has introduced The Chef Center. It features two versatile, anti-microbial compartments that can serve as a composter, wine bucket, storage bin, or any other purpose imaginable. It also comes with an array of custom accessories including a cutting board, colander, grid, mobile drainer board, push button remote controlled operated strainer basket and mat on rollers.


Now all we need is Rosie to serve and clean up and our Jetson kitchen will be complete! For more information on how your kitchen can be amazing like these, contact us today!