Publish October 31, 2023

The Latest and Greatest from KBIS: Kitchen & Bath Innovations You Won’t Want to Miss

A few weeks ago, I had the incredible opportunity to attend the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) held in sunny Orlando. To say it was enlightening would be an understatement! The vibrancy of the event, teeming with passionate attendees and innovative vendors, was palpable. From the plethora of products showcased to the emerging trends that are set to redefine our homes, KBIS was the place to be. I’m thrilled to give you a glimpse of some highlights and the fantastic innovations I encountered.

The Age of Smart Appliances

One thing that stood out immediately was the evolution of appliances. We’ve entered an age where everything seems to have WiFi capability. While some might scoff at the idea of their oven or refrigerator being ‘online,’ the convenience offered is undeniable. Imagine being stuck in traffic and pre-heating your oven so that by the time you arrive, it’s ready for that lasagna. Such features might seem like luxury now, but they are fast becoming the new standard.

Appliances are no longer just about functionality; they’re adapting to our nuanced needs. Take, for instance, the modern refrigerators that now come with multiple ice options. Beyond the conventional cubed ice, there’s the craft ice. This round-shaped ice melts at a slower pace, ensuring your beverage stays colder for longer without diluting its flavor.

A Revolution in Shower Systems

Another showstopper was the self-drying shower system introduced by Airmada. Their patented system employs air-jet nozzles designed to dry out the shower after use. This not only tackles common bathroom nuisances like water marks and after-shower humidity but also combats serious issues like mold, mildew, and slippery floors. In essence, it promises a cleaner, safer bathroom experience.

A Splash of Color Everywhere

Perhaps the most visually captivating trend was the explosion of color across various fixtures and appliances. Gone are the days when kitchens and baths were dominated by monochrome or neutral palettes. The event was a kaleidoscope of hoods, refrigerators, ranges, tubs, and faucets in bold reds, cool blues, refreshing aquas, sunny yellows, and even an edgy army green. A special mention to Victoria + Albert for their range of colored tubs that were nothing short of art pieces.

KBIS was not just a showcase of products but a testament to how far we’ve come in blending technology, aesthetics, and utility. For those looking to revamp their homes or simply stay updated with the latest trends, the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show is an event you won’t want to miss. Whether you’re an enthusiast or a professional, there’s something for everyone.


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