I am excited to share with you some exciting news, as I have been involved in a special project that is very close to my heart. I was asked to participate in the “re-launch” of Project Design Southwest Florida for the Ronald McDonald House. Click here to see the article in Home & Design Volume 2, featuring the Project Design 2020.

If you don’t know the Ronald McDonald House, is a comfortable temporary residence for many families that travel far from home and spend an extended period of time to receive treatment for their seriously ill children at little or no cost. The Ronald McDonald House gives those families the ability to focus on the healing of their child while they are staying in a comforting environment.

It became imperative to add additional bedroom suites to the existing house as it was at full capacity. With that being said my room is themed “Messages of Hope”. I wanted this room to be a place where the stressed parents, worried about the health of their child, could come back to rejuvenate, be inspired and bolstered to face whatever challenges come their way.

I added little messages all around the room like, “Inhale, Exhale” and “You’re Stronger than you think.” I also added a jar of coins with words of enouragement for those parents to place in their pocket as a nice reminder to help get them through their day. It’s been a long process but it is finally complete and well worth it!