Publish October 1, 2023
Naples Hidden Gem: The Revs Institute
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Naples’ Hidden Gem: The Revs Institute

Nestled in the heart of Naples is a gem that’s a must-visit for any car aficionado: The Revs Institute. This remarkable establishment isn’t just another museum; it’s a vivid exploration of the automobile’s monumental influence on the 20th-century culture.

The automobile, more than just a mode of transport, has shaped our lives in innumerable ways. The Revs Institute offers an unparalleled journey through this transformative epoch, illustrating how cars have continually reshaped our societal norms, aesthetics, and even our aspirations.

Dive Deep with the Miles Collier Collections

The Institute showcases the impressive Miles Collier Collections, featuring over 100 spectacular automobiles, each meticulously preserved and fully operational. These treasured vehicles are displayed across four thematic galleries:


Witness how cars revolutionized movement and redefined our concept of freedom.


Dive into the world of speed and elegance, celebrating the beautiful intersection of design and performance.


Explore the transformative power of the automobile, from its invention to its global impact.


Step into a dedicated world of Porsche, capturing the essence and evolution of this iconic brand.

The cars are presented without barriers, inviting visitors to get up close and personal, appreciating the minute details and craftsmanship. It’s an immersive experience that transcends the usual ‘do not touch’ policy of most museums.

Preservation: A Commitment to the Future

The team at The Revs Institute holds a deep-seated belief in the importance of preserving these automotive marvels in their authentic state. There‚Äôs a unique charm in seeing a vehicle in its original, untouched, and patinated form. Recognizing their role as custodians of some of the world’s rarest cars, the Institute goes to remarkable lengths to ensure these beauties are preserved for future generations to appreciate and learn from.

If this has ignited your interest, then it’s time for a visit. Dive deep into the world of automobiles and see history come alive. For tickets and further details, head over to The Revs Institute website.

Come, discover Naples’ true hidden gem, and let the legacy of automobiles sweep you off your feet.


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