The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) just wrapped up their signature event in Las Vegas. This is no ordinary show, it’s North America’s largest trade show dedicated to all aspects of kitchen and bath design, so vendors bring their “A” game! Each year some very interesting and cutting-edge ideas are displayed. Want to see what’s the next greatest trends in Kitchens and Baths? Read on!

Kohler Ombre

Mixing Metals – Oh Ombré! 

I know there are a lot of purists out there BUT, mixing metals within the same space, has been trending in home design for some time now.

Now, this design element has been taken a few steps further. Kohler showcased its Ombré finish, which actually was introduced last year. This photo shows a faucet in vibrant rose gold to vibrant polished nickel.


Uffizi Fortis Pfister

Statement Faucets

A number of companies showed off faucets with unique designs, including this clear tube faucet from Uffizi, part of the line of Italian-inspired products from Fortis.

The HydroTap by Zip Water pretty much does everything for you. It can provide boiled, chilled or sparkling water – INSTANTLY! I mean, I think even James Bond would be inpressed……




Dark is Back!

Golden Dragon by Cambria

Several companies showed off darker engineered countertops this year at KBIS and “Golden Dragon” from Cambria is part of the new Black Marble collection. This was launched in response to the growing demand for darker countertop styles.



Curvy Corian

Corian Mahogany Nuwood

Wood-look patterns have been trending on flooring and wall applications for some

time, but it’s new to see them on countertops and other surfaces. Corian has introduced Mahogany Nuwood

and the beauty of its flexible solid surface products can be applied to curves. Isn’t this island truly amazing? It showcases the incredible designs that can be created with this product – the possibilities are endless!


Thin is In!

Wilsonart Ultra Thin Counter


Italy has been showcasing ultrathin countertops for a few years and it finally has arrived on the shores of the US. Wilsonart introduced European-inspired ultrathin surfaces which are one-half-inch thick and can be installed with an undermount sink. Cosentino also introduced a thin surface material that can made of of glass, quartz and porcelain, which can be used outdoors. This versatile material can also be used on cabinetry doors and drawers, as well as on furniture, which opens up a whole new world in terms of vertical treatments.

One of a Kind Appliances

Custom Refrigerator Panels by Mark Jupiter

Speaking of cool treatments on cabinets, specialty surfaces are coming soon to your refrigerator and sinks. Dacor showcased a refrigerator with stainless steel doors that have with a custom hand-applied patina, designed and built by Brooklyn, New York, furniture maker Mark Jupiter. Sinks are getting a facelift, too. Kohler introduced its Tailor customizable farmhouse sink, which has a changeable decorative front panel. There are six different panels to

Kohler Tailor Customizable Farmhouse Sink

choose from, this on being Light Floral. Also, if you want, you can even insert your own countertop or tile material into the panel. Can you say, “One of a Kind? Yes, please!”


Great Wave Pattern


The Great Wall Can Be In Your Bathroom!
Corian introduced a cool way to use its solid-surface material: as textured, sculptural tiles. Los Angeles artist Mario Romano has created 40 designs with carved surfaces that have a raised pattern. The designs, in a line named M.R. Walls by Mario Romano, come in irregularly shaped puzzle piece-like tiles that fit together neatly and show no seam. They can be used on kitchen backsplashes or shower walls, or as decorative installations on surfaces throughout the home. Here you see Romano’s Great Wave pattern, above a pool in a custom home. The artist can also create customized patterns for homeowners.

Sous-Vide, Induction & Gas – Oh My!
Signature Kitchen Suite, LG’s luxury line, has introduced its 48” Pro Range, which includes built-in

Signature Kitchen Suite Sous Vide Range

us vide station, induction AND gas, all on one stove top. I am currently a test kitchen for SKS and I have to say, it is amazing to be able to utilize all these features in one neat little package! The sous vide (water bath cooking) allows you to never overcook fish or steak again and the flavor is incredible…..

Well, now you are totally up to speed on the latest and greatest in Kitchens and Baths. Let me know what you thought of the innovations above and leave a comment below. If you think someone you know would benefit from this, please tag them or send it along! -PD