Publish June 3, 2024
Get better at Sales NOW
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Today, we’re actually going to be talking about sales confidence—something many creatives and designers I talk to (myself included) really struggle with. It’s about having the confidence to sell ourselves, talk about our accomplishments, and discuss the fantastic work we’ve done, whether personally or professionally. Many of us find it hard to talk about the wonderful things we’re doing and how we can help people.

But think about turning that around. Use the information about the things you’ve done to show how you can help more people and do better projects. Many are struggling with confidence because it’s out of our comfort zone. We’ve always been taught that it’s crummy to push someone to buy our services—that they should just want them. However, as my mentor once told me, we have to push people to get off their seats and make a purchase because naturally, people are often afraid to take action.

Navigating the Transition into a Creative Industry

It could be that design is a second career for you. Maybe you came from another industry and had 10 or 12 years of experience there. Of course, you totally knew all the rules of that game, but now you’ve decided to go into this creative industry, which you love so much. You’re learning a whole new set of rules, and it’s unsettling to figure out what they are. This can affect your confidence.

First of all, you have to be as prepared as you can be, given where you are in your business. Start with the knowledge you have today. If you’re new to interior design and lack experience, talk to friends and mentors who can give you advice. But you must begin with what you have and build on it as you go.

Why Sales Confidence is Crucial

Why do you need sales confidence? If you’re not closing deals, even when you have opportunities, it is crucial to address this. Clients look for experts, so position yourself as one. Confidently answering questions and presenting information indicates that you know what you’re doing. If you’re too hesitant or too soft in your approach, clients won’t have confidence in you, and they might end up walking all over you.

You want clients and project referrals to be confident that you know what you’re talking about. I’ve talked to many of you, and you all know your stuff. You’re incredibly creative, talented, and conscientious about what’s right for the client and the correct direction to go. It’s just that you’re struggling with being stronger in your presentations, especially when faced with client pushback.

Identifying and Overcoming Challenges

So, one thing I encourage you to ask yourself is: What’s a challenge you’re currently facing in your business? Not all challenges, but the one thing that’s really standing in your way right now. Then ask yourself, how can you be more prepared in that one area?

Focusing on the one thing that’s a stumbling block to reaching the next level helps cut out a lot of noise about all the million things we should be doing. Maybe you’re unsure about structuring your fees or marking things up. Perhaps you’re unclear about your design process or how to communicate it. Or maybe clients don’t understand the timing of projects, how long they take, or the costs involved.

Understanding your processes, knowing typical cost ranges, and communicating effectively with clients are crucial. You know more than you think—you just need to take the time to organize your thoughts and present them confidently.

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