Publish December 2, 2023
Learn how to work with GREAT Builders + Brad Leavitt

In the competitive field of interior design, the achievement of a six-figure income often signifies a major milestone. On episode six of the Six-Figure Designer Podcast we explored key strategies to help realize this ambitious goal: networking, systemizing, fostering builder-designer relationships, and maintaining work-life balance.

Networking: The Cornerstone of Growth

“It’s not what you know, but who you know.” This principle rings especially true in the design industry. Expanding your network, engaging in cross-branding activities, and promptly communicating with connections lays a vital foundation of growth.

Systemization and Organization: Clarity Equals Productivity

An organized design process significantly impacts productivity. The usage of systems, such as AutoCAD for creating 2D elevations, ensures streamlined project execution. Constantly updating your design book aids in capturing client expectations precisely, thereby reducing discrepancies.

Fostering Builder-Designer Relationships: Creating Win-Win Scenarios

The builder-designer relationship is crucial for project success. Look for forward-thinking and communication-efficient builders, preferably those active on social media platforms like Instagram or LinkedIn. Builders who insist on interior designers on their teams usually prioritize high-quality products, signaling their commitment to excellence.

Work-Life Balance: Harmony and Success

Running a design business often implies extra working hours. Nonetheless, effective communication and prompt acknowledgments can significantly reduce stress and maintain work-life balance.

By implementing these proven strategies—networking effectively, systemizing, fostering strong builder-designer partnerships, and maintaining work-life balance—to your interior design business, you’re not just equipped to break through the five-figure ceiling, but to thrive in the six-figure realm.

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