Publish October 31, 2023
Stay Curious
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Stay Curious: How Curiosity Makes Us Better Designers

We’ve all heard the proverb, “Curiosity killed the cat.” But have you ever stopped to consider why we aren’t nurturing our inherent sense of wonder, especially in our design businesses? It’s a thought that’s been lingering on my mind lately, fuelled by various inspirations.

Recently, I’ve been engrossed in a book titled “Fans First”, and equally captivated by a podcast, “Unthinkable”. Additionally, hearing Andrew Davis at the Design Influencer’s Conference last month was a refreshing experience. These channels of thought converge on one profound realization: embracing curiosity can significantly elevate our design game.

Like many of you, my plate is always overflowing. With the design industry standing at a pivotal juncture, we find ourselves in a mad dash to seize every opportunity that comes our way. Out of fear of missing out, we end up juggling countless projects. But what’s the cost?

In this rush, we inadvertently shift from creation to mere execution. There’s scant time left to sculpt distinctive solutions. Instead, we become machines, producing one generic design after another. This not only dilutes our craft but also diminishes the distinct value we bring to the table. We risk selling ourselves short, and our unique gifts get overshadowed.

Reclaiming Our Curiosity

So, how do we rekindle our curiosity amidst this chaos? Here are three steps to consider:

Prioritize Profitability

Boost your confidence to drive better profits. This allows the flexibility to either undertake fewer projects or delegate more tasks, ensuring quality isn’t compromised.

Value Brainstorming

Recognize that dedicating time to conceive fresh ideas—whether to enhance client services or to market more effectively—is quintessential to business growth.

Carve Out Time

Dedicate specific slots in your calendar for brainstorming and innovative thinking. Protect this time fiercely, treating it with the same reverence as a crucial client meeting.

Personally, I’m on this journey too. I’m striving to harness my curiosity better to offer enhanced services and to introduce groundbreaking ideas. It’s high time we stepped away from the monotonous grind and embraced work that’s more enriching and impactful.

Let’s Connect

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Stay curious and let’s design a more thoughtful world together.


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