Publish December 9, 2023
Take Your Design Business from a Hobby to a $100K!
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Take Your Design Business from a Hobby to a 100K

Are you ready to elevate your design business from a hobby to a thriving enterprise? In this blog post, we will explore proven techniques to help you break through financial thresholds and achieve a six-figure income and beyond.

1. Recognize the Need for Change

Feel like you’re spinning plates in your design business? Our live workshop, “From Hobby to 100K,” offers insights and tools to transform your business. Break free from limitations and attract consistent projects.

2. Step-by-Step Action Plan

Learn the most effective way to run a successful interior design business. Our workshop provides a clear step-by-step action plan, allowing you to understand the right order of operations and avoid common mistakes.

3. Efficient Systems for Growth

Transition from a reactive solopreneur to an efficient business owner. Implement streamlined systems to gain control over your time and create a stress-free work environment.

4. Master Your Finances

Get your money in order and achieve financial stability. Say goodbye to Excel spreadsheets and commingling funds. Our workshop offers simple steps to manage your finances and gain clarity and confidence in your earnings.

5. Sleek Selling Systems

Attract million-dollar clients with effective yet authentic selling techniques. Learn the art of closing deals quickly and confidently to secure high-quality projects from day one.

6. Stress-free Project Management

Handle larger, more complex projects seamlessly. Our workshop covers essential project management strategies, ensuring smooth operations and satisfied clients.

7. Referral Network Cheat Sheet

Organize your referral network with our exclusive cheat sheet. Identify the most promising leads and optimize your time and energy to secure ideal clients.

Take your design business to new heights with our live workshop, “From Hobby to 100K.” Discover invaluable insights, practical tips, and actionable strategies to break through ceilings and achieve a six-figure income. Attend the live session or access the recorded replay. Unlock the full potential of your design business today.

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