Publish November 10, 2023
sou vide cooking

The Art of Sous Vide Cooking: A Beginner’s Guide

A few months ago, I stepped into the fascinating world of Sous Vide cooking in an unexpected way. I became a test kitchen for a high-end appliance line – SKS Appliances. Among their offerings was a range that included gas, induction, steam ovens, and an unfamiliar term to me: Sous Vide.

If, like me, you’re new to the term “Sous Vide,” don’t let it intimidate you. Despite its fancy French name, the cooking technique is both fascinating and remarkably simple. And, although I might not be the primary cook in our household, I was captivated. So much so, I handed the Sous Vide reins to my husband, Bryan, and watched the magic unfold.

So, What Is Sous Vide Cooking?

Sous vide is a culinary technique where food is placed in an airtight container (often a vacuum-sealed bag) and then immersed in temperature-controlled water. The beauty of this method? Your food can never overcook. This precision is why many caterers lean on sous vide for events like weddings where they need to serve hundreds of consistently perfect meals.

The scope of what you can cook sous vide is vast. From steaks, fish, pork, and chicken to vegetables, fruits, and even desserts – the possibilities are endless. (Stay tuned for a mouth-watering Crème Brulee recipe!)

The Sous Vide Promise

With sous vide, consistency is the name of the game. Imagine dropping a steak into a water bath set at 140°. No matter how long it stays in there, it won’t exceed that temperature. Result? A steak cooked flawlessly medium-rare from edge to edge, a testament to the sous vide’s water circulation functionality.

However, here’s a pro-tip for proteins like pork or steak: they might emerge from the sous vide bath with a somewhat grey appearance. But, fret not! A swift sear post-sous vide will impart that golden, appetizing exterior we all crave.

Starting Your Sous Vide Journey

You don’t need to splurge on a range with a built-in sous vide feature. Many stand-alone options, like the popular Anova, can convert any regular pot into a sous vide cooking vessel. If you’re looking for guidance, tutorials, or recipes as you dive into this culinary adventure, Chef Steps is our recommended go-to resource.

Sous vide might initially seem like a domain for the professional chefs, but with the right tools and a dash of curiosity, anyone can master this art. Here’s to perfect meals, every time!

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