Publish October 22, 2023
Social Media Channels

The Power of Social Media: Breaking Down Platform Demographics for 2022

The digital landscape is continually evolving, with various social media platforms catering to diverse user demographics. Understanding these dynamics can be pivotal for businesses, marketers, and influencers looking to target specific audiences. Let’s delve into the key demographics and insights for some of the most prominent social media platforms in 2022.

Facebook: Still The Kingpin, But Evolving

Facebook Demographics and Usage

  • Active Users: 2.91 billion
  • Predominant Age Group: 25-34 years (31.5%)
  • Gender: 43% female, 57% male
  • Average Daily Usage: 33 minutes

Key Takeaways for Facebook in 2022

  1. It remains the largest social platform for both consumers and marketers.
  2. The user growth rate has decelerated, seeing only a +0.8% change during 2021.
  3. With the rise of platforms like TikTok and Snapchat, younger consumers are diversifying their online presence.
  4. However, Facebook’s ad revenues are increasing, affirming the platform’s significance in the marketing realm.

Instagram: From Photos to E-Commerce

Instagram Demographics and Usage

  • Active Users: 2 billion
  • Predominant Age Group: 25-34 years (31.2%), closely followed by 18-24 years (31%)
  • Gender: 48.4% female, 51.8% male
  • Average Daily Usage: 29 minutes

Key Takeaways for Instagram in 2022

  1. Instagram’s user base doubled to 2 billion, indicating its lasting appeal.
  2. Despite being trendy, it’s losing some younger users to platforms like TikTok.
  3. The majority of its user base comprises Gen Z & Millennials.
  4. New shopping features emphasize Instagram’s transition towards e-commerce.
  5. While Instagram Reels gained traction, it couldn’t deter TikTok’s explosive growth.

TikTok: The New Age Sensation

TikTok Demographics and Usage

  • Active Users: 1 billion
  • Predominant Age Group: 10-19 years (25%)
  • Gender: 61% female, 39% male
  • Average Daily Usage: A whopping 89 minutes

Key Takeaways for TikTok in 2022

  • TikTok’s meteoric rise in popularity has led to a 10x user increase since 2021.
  • Users spend an astonishing 90 minutes daily on the platform.
  • Brands need to note: 40% of Gen Z get influenced by the products they spot on TikTok.
  • With the platform’s surge, influencers are jumping aboard.
  • Advanced advertising and CRM integrations depict TikTok’s ongoing evolution.

LinkedIn: Beyond Networking

LinkedIn Demographics and Usage

  • Active Users: 810 million
  • Predominant Age Group: 25-34 years (58.4%)
  • Gender: 48% female, 52% male
  • User Engagement: 63% weekly and 22% daily

Key Takeaways for LinkedIn in 2022

  • Surprisingly, Millennials are the dominant force on the platform.
  • Post-COVID-19 dynamics and the job market surge have driven LinkedIn’s record revenue.
  • Targeting high-earning B2B professionals, LinkedIn becomes an ad goldmine.
  • It’s the go-to platform for B2B lead generation.
  • LinkedIn’s vast international footprint surpasses its US user base.

Pinterest: Visual Discovery and Diversity

Pinterest Demographics and Usage

  • Active Users: 431 million
  • Predominant Age Group: 50-64 years (38%)
  • Gender: A massive 78% female, 22% male
  • Average Daily Usage: 14.2 minutes

Key Takeaways for Pinterest in 2022

  • Predominantly female-centric, yet a significant rise in male users was observed in 2021.
  • With a stable user base, its ad revenues are climbing.
  • Pinterest is product-centric, offering immense ad opportunities, especially given the high household income of many users.
  • 70% of users trust Pinterest for product research.
  • The platform boasts a unique age distribution, with almost even splits across various age segments.

In the dynamic world of social media, staying updated with the latest demographics can be crucial for targeted outreach and engagement. Whether you’re a brand, influencer, or an avid user, understanding these nuances can help you navigate the digital ecosystem more effectively.


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