Publish December 8, 2023
There’s got to be a BETTER way, right?
don't panic

The Struggle for Financial Stability

Running a business is hard. Are you struggling to make money despite your efforts? Burning through client payments, spending endless hours on social media – it’s a never-ending cycle. But why aren’t you making any money? Let’s dive into the three major mistakes designers make that hinder their success.

Identifying the Mistakes

1. Chasing the Wrong Dreams: Attending trade shows and staying informed is important, but it doesn’t guarantee success. Focus on making your business profitable.

2. The Overwhelm of Prompt Response: Promptly answering every call and email may seem like good customer service, but it can lead to feeling overwhelmed and unproductive. Manage your time efficiently and prioritize tasks.

3. The Social Media Burden: Constantly sharing job site photos and obsessing over viral posts may not be the best use of your time. Cultivate relationships with referral sources instead.

Join Me on the Path to Six Figures

Join my Designer Biz Bootcamp and transform your business. Learn to avoid these mistakes and generate six figures. Visit the show notes for the sign-up page. Don’t let the challenges of running a design business discourage you. By avoiding these three major mistakes and focusing on profitability and relationships, you can break free from the five-figure ceiling. Tune in to our next episode where we interview a website designer who will share insights on attracting high-quality leads. Your dreams of a six-figure design business are within reach. Let’s make it happen.

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