Choosing wall colors can be a love-hate relationship. I’ve heard many stories of people who go to the store, select colors and paint the entire room only to realize THEY HATE IT! Here are a few quick tips on choosing a wall color that you’ll love, the first time!

• Look at the best quality paint you can afford.
This will save a lot of time in prep and overall look. Solid brands like Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore are a best bet, but other great companies are Valspar and PPG. If you want the best of the best, take a look at Farrow & Ball. Consider a Low-VOC or No-VOC paint, the less harmful chemicals, the better for you and your family.

• Have a color in mind before you head to the paint store.
It sounds basic but it’s very important. If you haven’t noticed, there are about 4 billion different colors available. If you don’t know what color family you want to start in, you will be overwhelmed!

• Once you choose a color, or three, get tester samples.
You will be tempted to choose 18 different colors to try out on your wall – RESIST THIS TEMPTATION! Go to a color you are drawn to and pick a maximum of THREE testers. You must be strong, here!

• Paint the three swatches of color on the wall and check it out.
Make sure the base color is neutral or it will affect how the color looks on the wall. You must do several coats to get the best representation of the color. Check it out several times during the day in all different lights. Morning light will make the color look much different than in the evening. You will know right away which color is right for you!

If you use these simple steps, choosing paint colors will be a breeze!

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