Publish November 10, 2023
The Color for 2023? Viva Magenta!
magenta color

The Color Revolution of 2023: “Viva Magenta!”

The ever-evolving world of colors has witnessed numerous shades that have defined and represented different eras. And this year, Pantone gives us “Viva Magenta 18-1750” as the shade that captures the essence of 2023.

Nature and Vibrancy Intertwined

Viva Magenta is not just a color; it is an emotion, a feeling. It vibrates with an enthusiasm that’s hard to ignore. Descending from the revered red family, this color is a testament to the beauty that nature offers us. It’s like witnessing a new dawn, a signal of strength, and an expression of rejuvenation.

Brave, Fearless, and Pulsating

What makes Viva Magenta stand out? Its bravery. Its fearlessness. Its unabashed exuberance. When you see this color, you see a joyous celebration, a narrative that’s being rewritten, not in words, but in hues.

Empowerment through Color

In a world where colors often define moods, Viva Magenta is all about power and empowerment. It’s a call to break free, to revel in joy, and to embrace self-expression without any constraints. This shade is not just a color; it’s an experience, electrifying and boundless. It’s a statement that demands attention.

Inclusivity and Audacity

In an era where the lines of division are many, Viva Magenta stands as a unifier. It welcomes every individual, regardless of who they are or where they come from. It’s audacious, witty, and most importantly, inclusive. It’s a shout-out to the rebellious spirit in each one of us.

A Nod to Tradition

Despite its modern appeal, Viva Magenta has its roots deep in tradition. It draws inspiration from the red of cochineal, a dye that’s not only one of the most precious but also among the brightest in the world. This connection to the primordial world makes Viva Magenta even more special. It’s a color that invokes the forces of nature, galvanizing our spirit and fortifying our inner strength.


In this age, where technology often overshadows reality, Viva Magenta stands as a reminder of what’s real, raw, and genuine. It’s more than just the Color of the Year for 2023; it’s a movement, an emotion, and a celebration of life itself. Let’s embrace it, celebrate it, and let it inspire us throughout the year. Viva Magenta!


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