Publish November 6, 2023


A Modern Revival

Ever found yourself scratching your head at the mention of wallpaper in contemporary design? You’re not alone! Over the past few months, my interactions with clients have revealed a growing curiosity – and sometimes, incredulity – about this age-old decorative element. Phrases like, “When did that come back in style?” or “Are people still using wallpaper?” have surfaced more times than I can count.

To answer these questions:

  1. Wallpaper never really went out of style.
  2. And yes, emphatically YES, people are indeed embracing wallpaper today.

Beyond the Vines: Wallpaper’s Evolution

While we may be heaving a collective sigh of relief that the era of strawberry-vined walls and ceilings in kitchens is well behind us (truly, what were we thinking?), wallpaper in today’s interior design realm is an entirely different beast. The advancements and variety available now would astonish anyone who’s only familiar with their grandmother’s wallpaper choices.

Innovations & Real-world Examples

Modern wallpapers have evolved in leaps and bounds. Think about products that are so intricate, they either mimic or are authentically crafted from materials like wood. For instance, during one of my recent projects for a client, I incorporated a particularly innovative wallpaper in their Guest Bedroom. Mind you, this wasn’t their primary guest room; that distinction went to another room with an alluring view of the pool. But to ensure no guest felt second-best, we decided to give this room a vibrant uplift. The end result? A space so captivating, I challenge anyone to feel shortchanged when walking into it.

Textures and the Touch of Glamour

But why stop at patterns and prints? Modern wallpaper offers a chance to play with texture. In another project, I had the privilege of introducing wallcovering embellished with elegant beading. Strategically positioned behind the bed in the Primary Suite, it’s a design touch that screams Hollywood glamour. Picture it: the subtle shimmer of the beads catching light, evoking the feeling of being on a vintage movie set. As I fondly recall the project, I can’t help but channel my inner Norma Desmond, declaring, “Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up!”


Wallpaper in 2023 is no foe; it’s a friend – a fabulous, versatile, and enchanting one. Whether you’re an interior design aficionado or just someone looking to add a splash of personality to their space, give wallpaper a chance. You might just be surprised by its transformative magic.


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