Publish December 6, 2023
Want to KNOW what it’s like to work with me?
pam durkin

Taking Your Design Business to the Next Level: Working with Me

Are you an interior designer feeling overwhelmed and ready to break through to the next level? Discover how working with me can transform your business. Learn the techniques Tina and Heather used to pay themselves, attract great clients, and shatter the five-figure ceiling.

Tina’s Journey

Tina, a seasoned designer with 15 years of experience, lacked business know-how. She joined my mini-course, refining her ideal client and messaging. Graduating from my mastermind program, Tina exceeded her financial goal and hired an assistant within a year.

Heather’s Transformation

Heather struggled with finding focus in her design business. We identified her true passion, pool selections, and turned it into a profitable subset. By raising prices and honing processes, Heather achieved impressive financial gains in 12 months.

The Power of Goal Setting

Tina and Heather set clear goals for their businesses. With my guidance, they stayed focused and adjusted along the way. Setting financial goals and incorporating personal aspirations created a holistic approach to their success.

Tina and Heather’s success stories demonstrate the transformative power of working with the six-figure designer. Refining their businesses and setting ambitious goals, they achieved remarkable results within a year. Learn valuable techniques for attracting clients and running a successful design business. Join my design business bootcamp and unlock your six-figure potential.

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