Publish December 14, 2023
Why I only wear JEANS to client meetings

Elevating Your Design Business: Why I Wear Jeans to Client Meetings

Sparking from a recent conversation, I confidently embrace my unconventional decision to wear jeans to client meetings. As a seasoned professional with 30 years of experience working with affluent clients, I’ll share why this seemingly casual choice perfectly aligns with my design philosophy and business approach.

Reflecting Creativity and Confidence

Clients value designers who embody creativity and exude confidence. How you present yourself during meetings is crucial in instilling client confidence in your creative prowess. By wearing jeans, I boldly showcase my unique design style and approach, making a statement that creative minds like ours don’t conform to traditional norms.

Fostering Comfort and Connection

In my coastal Florida location, where the dress code leans toward relaxed attire, even bankers ditch the suits. Wearing jeans puts clients at ease, demonstrating that we are on equal footing. This relatable approach fosters an environment where open communication thrives and clients feel comfortable expressing their concerns and preferences.

A Symbol of Approachability and Trust

Interior design projects often involve significant investments and uncertainties for clients. Wearing jeans breaks down barriers and promotes trust. Clients are more inclined to share their thoughts and feelings openly, allowing for a smoother and more collaborative process.

Fashion-Forward and Creative

Despite the casual nature of jeans, I always ensure I dress fashionably and showcase my unique style. With short hair, blue streaks, and funky jackets paired with cool jeans, I embody the creativity I bring to the table. This visual cue excites clients, especially those who don’t possess a creative bone in their bodies.

Colors to Evoke Emotions

Interestingly, the choice of colors can evoke specific emotions in clients. Although this topic warrants its own discussion, it’s worth noting that colors can enhance the client experience. A thoughtfully curated color palette can create an even deeper connection and resonance with clients.

Dress as an Extension of Your Brand

Our attire serves as an extension of our brand, conveying our design philosophy and values. Wearing jeans is a deliberate visual cue, signaling to clients that we are approachable, creative, and ready to collaborate. It’s a subtle yet powerful way to reinforce our personal brand and make a lasting impression.

I hope this blog post inspires you to consider how your attire can become a strategic tool in your design business. Explore ways to align your dress with your brand and harness its potential to elevate client experiences. Stay tuned for details about my upcoming bootcamp, where you can learn more about taking your design business to new heights.

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