Publish December 16, 2023
Why Your Business Should Support You!

Building a Profitable Interior Design Business That Enhances Your Lifestyle

Are you tired of feeling like you’re constantly spinning plates in your design business, uncertain if they will all come crashing down? Do you dream of breaking through to the next level and finally taking your business from a hobby to a thriving venture? If so, then welcome to the Six Figure Designer Podcast, where we discuss the techniques you need to transform your design business into a profitable enterprise that can support your desired lifestyle.

The Importance of Business Support

In this episode, we want to delve into a critical aspect that many entrepreneurs overlook when starting their businesses. While your love for design and passion for helping clients may have driven you to launch your interior design business, it is crucial to remember that it should also be a means to sustain and support your personal goals and aspirations.

Defining a Supportive Business

But what does it mean to have a business that supports you? The answer to this question varies for each individual. It goes beyond mere monetary support; it encompasses your overall desired lifestyle, the legacy you wish to leave behind, and the tangible things you want your business to help you achieve.

What Do You Want Your Business to Support?

Consider the story of one participant in our business mastermind group. Her son plays college football, and she wanted the freedom to attend his games and create cherished memories. She realized that running a business that demanded her time seven days a week would hinder her ability to do so. With guidance from the mastermind group, she identified the right clients who valued her time, allowing her to both run a profitable business and to make time for her son’s football games. This example highlights how a well-structured business can provide the flexibility and freedom to prioritize special moments with loved ones while still achieving financial success.

Real-Life Examples: Business Supporting Lifestyle Goals

Another mastermind participant had long dreamed of undergoing cosmetic surgery that would significantly improve her quality of life. However, the financial aspect and recovery time had always been concerns. With a profitable design business, she was not only able to fund the procedure but also plan for the recovery period without interrupting her business operations. This success story illustrates how an entrepreneur with a self-sustaining business can fulfill personal aspirations and conquer bucket list items.

Mastermind: Building a Supportive Business

Your business should be a source of security and ease, allowing you to live beyond the boundaries of just paying bills. Picture yourself enjoying vacations, spending quality time with family and friends, or taking care of long-desired medical procedures. Your business can be the driving force behind making these dreams a reality.

That’s where our mastermind group comes in. We specialize in helping designers like you transform their businesses into vehicles that support their desired lifestyles. Our sessions address real-life problems and celebrate the wins of our clients. By joining us, you gain access to two meetings per month, priced at $300. If this piques your interest, don’t hesitate to reach out.

It’s time to break free from unsustainable working hours that leave no room for personal growth and fulfillment. Join the Six Figure Designer Podcast and let’s build a design business that not only thrives but also supports your dreams and aspirations.

Thank you for listening to the Six Figure Designer Podcast. If you’re ready to embark on the journey towards a six-figure interior design business, check out our Design Business Bootcamp.

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