Publish December 4, 2023
Why Your Responsiveness Is Hurting Your Business

How My Journey Taught Me Why Being Too Responsive Can Hurt Your Business

Running my design business felt like I was spinning plates, just waiting for them to crash. I bet you can relate if you’re in the same boat. You might be close to breaking through to the next level, but those consistent projects just aren’t flowing your way. If you’re ready to take your business from a mere hobby to a thriving venture, then you’re in the right place. Welcome to my blog, where I’ll share my personal experiences and insights into how being overly responsive can actually harm your business and what you can do to regain control of your time and productivity.

Reactivity vs. Proactivity

I used to believe that quick responses to clients and colleagues were the hallmark of excellent customer service. Little did I know that this constant reactivity was chipping away at my productivity, pulling me away from my concentrated work.

Shift from Scattered to Centered

Have you ever looked back at your day and wondered, “What did I actually accomplish today?” I’ve been there too, feeling out of control, hopping from one urgent matter to another. But there’s a way out.

Fix Your Calendar

Time and profitability are intertwined in the business world. I’ve learned to revamp my calendar by grouping similar tasks on specific days. This approach brings focus and efficiency to my work.

Designate Client Meeting Days

Contrary to popular belief, clients are willing to accommodate your schedule. I now reserve Tuesdays and Thursdays for client meetings, which I communicate in advance. Clients appreciate the clarity.

Allocate Time for Marketing

Building a thriving business requires consistent marketing efforts. I’ve made it a point to set aside dedicated time for marketing strategies, ensuring my business continues to grow.

Regular Client Touchpoints

Keeping clients in the loop is crucial. That’s why I’ve designated a day each week to touch base with clients, providing updates on their projects. It’s about building trust through proactive communication.

Prioritize Big Tasks

Checking off small to-dos can feel satisfying, but it doesn’t always move the needle. I now focus on big-picture tasks that drive my business forward.

Delegate, Automate, or Eliminate

Not all tasks are created equal. I’ve learned to evaluate tasks and either delegate them, automate them, or eliminate them if they don’t contribute to my business’s growth.

Achieve Work-Life Balance

Your personal life matters just as much. I’ve started blocking time for personal pursuits that rejuvenate me, like exercise, reading, and meditation. It’s a critical component of my well-being.

Morning Routine

Mornings are my golden hours. I’ve established a morning routine that includes self-development activities, setting a positive tone for the day and maximizing my productivity.

My responsiveness to clients and tasks was once my badge of honor. Little did I know that it was costing me productivity and work-life balance. By reorganizing my calendar, prioritizing tasks, and proactively managing my time, I’ve regained control of my design business. Now, I can achieve more in a day than I used to in a week. It’s not about being constantly available; it’s about being available when it matters most. I invite you to take these steps to transform your business and work toward your goals.

If you’re interested in diving deeper into time management and growing your design business, check out my time management course in the show notes. Thank you for joining me on this personal journey, and I hope these insights help you improve your design business’s responsiveness and overall success.

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