Publish September 18, 2023
An In-depth Discussion with Podcast Host, Camille Finan on the Remodel Your Life Podcast
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It was a delightful journey joining the Remodel Your Life podcast with host, Camille Finan. As an interior designer and coach, I got to delve into the ongoing revolution in the construction industry.

The podcast started with a warm welcome from Camille, who is herself a female cabinet maker and kitchen designer in California. Her passion for a revolution within the construction industry resonates with mine. In an industry traditionally dominated by men, it is inspiring to view women making waves, thriving, and living on their terms in construction.

The Inevitable Dilemma: How to get better clients?

Like any other business, dealing with clients is a considerable part of construction and interior design. We all have had our fair share of difficult clients just like amazing ones. And so, Camille invited me to help us find new strategies to attract the perfect customer

The Journey to Becoming an Interior Designer

It all started with a design class in high school, which sparked my interest. I was fascinated by the perfect blend of creativity and technical ability it offered.

My journey gradually crooked its way to launching my own business when my children were young. I must admit that this transition wasn’t something I had originally planned and was somewhat abrupt. Despite the initial hurdles, I persevered, and today, as I reflect on my journey, I am proud of my resilience and determination that helped me through.

Women in Business: The daily hustle and significant milestones

In the conversation, we shed light on the importance of being proactive. This proactive approach should reflect in all aspects. From the type of work you want to go after, to the setting of boundaries on what you’re willing to take on your plate, everything matters. Being a successful entrepreneur means you are an active part of your own success.

Camille and I related to the substantial differences between men and women in business. Women particularly tend to focus on perfecting their craft while often neglecting the management aspect of business. But it is essential for women entrepreneurs to create a balance and steer their energies in understanding sales and marketing too.

Navigating through the challenges and overcoming them doesn’t just transform your business; it shapes your character. So, don’t shy away from feeling proud about your journey in the trades. I, for one, am proud of the determination and strength that I’ve developed over the years in my business. It was truly a pleasure being on Camille’s podcast, Remodel Your Life, showing that in the construction world, women can be magnetic too. Listen to the full episode here. Tune into my podcast on iTunes here or on my website and keep up with my other blog posts.