Publish December 13, 2023
RICH people are NICE people to work with
affluent woman

How to Work with Affluent Clients and Enjoy the Process of Design

The Myth of Affluent Clients

We often have a strange aversion to the idea that people who have money are not nice people. However, this is just a myth that needs debunking. In reality, many affluent clients are kind, loving, genuine, and smart individuals who appreciate the value of good design. It’s important to challenge the negative assumptions we may have about affluent clients and recognize that niceness and wealth can coexist in the same person.

Properly Evaluating Affluent Clients

Learning to evaluate prospective clients is crucial to building successful professional relationships. This starts with a pre-qualifying process that helps you identify clients who align with your values and goals. By carefully selecting clients who are open to ideas, willing to step out of their comfort zones, and trust your vision, you can create a rewarding working experience.

The Pre-Qualifying Process

When a potential client contacts you, take the time to conduct a quick interview over the phone. This initial conversation can reveal important insights about their project and their expectations. Look for indicators that they are open to collaboration, such as expressing a desire for help, acknowledging their previous challenges in finding the right designer, or asking if you would be interested in working with them. These phrases signal their willingness to value your expertise.

Enjoying the Process with Affluent Clients

Working with affluent clients doesn’t mean compromising on the joy of design. In fact, it can enhance your experience as a designer. Seek out clients who not only appreciate your work but also value their families, enjoy spending time with loved ones, and understand the importance of delegating the design details to a professional. Choosing to work with clients who are quick decision-makers and have a genuine passion for design can make the process enjoyable for both parties involved.

It’s time to break free from the misconception that working with affluent clients means dealing with unpleasant individuals. By properly evaluating and pre-qualifying potential clients, you can find wonderful, smart, and giving people who appreciate the value of your expertise. Remember, you have the power to attract clients who not only allow you to create beautiful designs but also provide a fulfilling working experience.

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