Publish December 1, 2023
Your Year of Yes! How to Achieve Your Design Business Goals in 2023

Your Year of Yes! How to Achieve Your Design Business Goals in 2023

Are you a design business owner who feels like you’re juggling multiple plates, always fearing they could come crashing down? Do you dream of breaking through to the next level but struggle to secure consistent projects? Are you ready to turn your design business from a hobby into a thriving venture, reaching six figures and beyond?

In today’s post, we’ll discuss how to set and achieve your business goals for 2023. We won’t just create lofty goals that end up forgotten. Instead, we’ll take a thoughtful approach to make this year your “Year of Yes.” We’ll explore strategies to help you say yes to what truly matters and create a digital vision board to keep you on track.

The Year of Yes

In 2023, let’s embrace the concept of the “Year of Yes.” This means giving ourselves permission to pursue the dreams and goals that have been lingering for too long. Often, fear holds us back from saying yes to these opportunities. However, it’s essential to clarify that the “Year of Yes” doesn’t mean saying yes to everything. It’s about saying yes to things that align with your goals and aspirations.

To make this concept tangible, I created a digital vision board using Canva. This board serves as a constant reminder of the goals and experiences I want to manifest in my business and life. It includes personal and professional objectives, such as taking care of myself, launching a podcast, achieving financial goals, and planning an exciting event. What’s crucial is that this vision board evolves as new ideas and opportunities arise.

The Four Questions

To ensure you’re on track to achieve your goals in 2023, ask yourself four critical questions: What’s working, what’s not working, what’s missing, and what’s next?

  1. What’s working – Identify the aspects of your business that are thriving. What is profitable, efficient, and enjoyable? Knowing what’s working helps you focus on strengthening these areas.
  2. What’s not working – Recognize the elements that are draining your resources, whether they are unprofitable, difficult, or unsatisfying projects. Decide whether to eliminate them or seek help to improve them.
  3. What’s missing – Consider what’s lacking in your business, such as skills, services, or opportunities that you’ve been wanting to incorporate. Assess if you need to learn these skills or if you can delegate them to others.
  4. What’s next – Determine the next steps required to reach your goals. Focus on taking one step at a time, and don’t overwhelm yourself with all the details. Investigate, plan, and execute those next steps to make progress.

Tracking and Planning

Tracking your progress is essential to stay accountable and ensure you’re making steady strides toward your goals. Start by dedicating a specific day or half-day to work on your business outside the office, allowing for quiet reflection and brainstorming.

Use tools like financial spreadsheets to analyze your profit margins and project requirements. Additionally, create a daily and monthly planner that outlines your priorities and habits, both for personal and business growth. Regularly updating this planner will help you stay focused and identify areas where you might be falling short.

In 2023, make it your “Year of Yes” by setting clear goals, asking the right questions, and tracking your progress diligently. Don’t hesitate to take a day away from the daily grind to plan and dream about your business’s future. Remember that your personal and professional goals are interconnected, so consider both aspects when shaping your vision for the year ahead.

Achieving your design business goals in 2023 is within reach, and with the right mindset and planning, you can make it an exceptional year of growth and success.

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