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Our Services Include:

My philosophy is that, like hiring an Interior Designer, Coaching is highly personal. Good rapport is extremely important.

Master Classes

When you need a quick class to teach you exactly what to do. Available for immediate download, topics include: How Time & Profit are interlinked, how to hire a Virtual Assistant and how to Shock & Awe potential clients to get your next great job. All the links & templates are provided to implement right away!

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1:1 Hour Session P.D.Q.

Design can be a lonely business and even though we think we can do it all, sometimes we need a little help. This session allows you to have a sounding board for what ails you and at the end of the Session, you will have a game plan to fix the issue!

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Attract the Best Clients

School is in session! We were taught how to be great designers but not how to Market and Sell ourselves. This course with coaching gives you all the tools to attract those amazing clients to you so you can elevate your business.

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“Pam’s process helped me find a focus in my design business.  After honing in on my goals and ideal project/client, she provided step by step instructions that helped me reach my target clients.  She also helped me find a way to sustain my day to day business in a way that allows me to grow.”

Heather Kellow